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Latest News

Mines Advisory Group

Mines Advisory

Mines advisory group is an organization for handling humanitarian operation and de-mining in war-hit areas. In Kuwait, we have been providing them all assistance for their operation and handling, clearing and delivery of their special equipments; especially the custom-equipped de-mining cars. We managed to clear and deliver over 50 specially-equipped trucks for the above mission including 25x20 containers of mining equipments.

National Guard, Kuwait

Kuwait National Guard

We have successfully completed one project for Kuwait National Guard, from Telerob, Germany. It was a project for exhibiting and manipulating explosives and dangerous equipments. We handled the entire project transporting these dangerous materials from Germany to Kuwait and back to Germany successfully, with utmost care and attention.

Danish Church Aid, Denmark
Danish Church

We have been carrying out a joint venture with DCA (Danish Church Aid), Denmark, for the reconstruction of Iraq DCA is a vital and specialized team for de-mining in war-hit areas under the supervision of United Nations. We have been handling the courier of their equipments and providing full assistance for de-mining the war-hit areas in Iraq. We have shipped seven especially equipped cars with all accessories and facilities for de-mining by airfreight and cleared the same from customs. We have painted all these cars as per the norms and directions of United Nations and delivered the cars on a door-to-door delivery basis to the project site. Further we have been doing the liaison work for the Danish team, providing them insurance, arranging their travel documents and other documents related with various ministry approvals and other humanitarian organization for completing their projects in Iraq without any hurdles. We also provided a fully furnished office for their administration and operation purposes.

Kuwait Olympic Committee
Kuwait Olympic Committee
Asian youth Sports and Games Held in Kuwait (3-12 April 2002)

This regional sports and games festival was held in Kuwait on 3-12-2002, under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee and we were the official freight forwarder agent for handling all the lighting and sound equipement for the grand opening ceremony. In order to handle this project smoothly, with collaboration of Kuwait Air force, we chartered four special aircrafts from UK , Holland, Italy and Belgium to bring the equipment to Kuwait. We arranged four charter aircraft for re exporting the equipments. With our strenuous effort we made this project a grand success and we got a special appraisal from the Olympic Committee. Our wide infrastructure and global network helped make this project a grand success.

British Forces, Kuwait
British Forces, Kuwait

This was a project for British Forces in Kuwait and Iraq and we have been handling and clearing the delivery of all the periodicals, magazines and newspapers for the troops.